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Rob Stephenson … CPT, BCSI

I have been active my entire life. As a kid, I couldn’t sit still and for twenty years I dabbled in many sports where I discovered exercise was a tool in which I could achieve self-growth and confidence. As a result, being fit was not just a hobby; it was my passion, and I realized I could transform my passion into a lifelong career.

Today, I apply my expertise in healthy biomechanics to train individuals who wish to achieve a more centered, aligned place within their body and their mind. I also coach athletes who use endurance racing, sport specific training, and functional movement as their exercise outlet, helping them to improve their overall biomechanics.

My approach to individual health-care makes me a hybrid trainer, or a ‘body coach’, and using Rugged Structural Integration methods I am able to help you improve tissue and joint health, movement effectiveness, and training outcome (results!). And when your body isn’t performing optimally, I can work with you and provide insight as to where the misalignment or blockage is in your system.

My goal is to help my clients achieve long lasting progress by gaining overall physical stability and improve performance with greater rewards that translate to a healthier and happier life.

Rob's Certifications

  • North American Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • Flow Motion Model Biomechanist Certified – Gait Training
  • Board Certified Structural Integrator – 750 hours
  • Biomechanics Specialist – Joint Physiology
  • Postural Restoration Certified- Posture and Diaphragm Restoration
  • Functional Anatomy Certified: Range Conditioning, Tissues Release, Range Assessment – Joint Conditioning

Rob Stephenson, CPT
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